Accord and
Accord International

pioneering awarding organisations that provide
academic and professional qualifications at
various levels worldwide.

Primarily focussing on the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA, our education systems emphasize leadership, research, forward planning, and concentrated industry development. These qualifications are effective and inclusive, and are developed to be easily accessible and flexible for all learners.

Each Accord and Accord International qualification leads to Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) if that is the Learner’s chosen path, or operate successfully as standalone qualifications which prepare the Learners as well trained and qualified employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Accord offers UK qualifications that are highly recognised internationally and acknowledged to be robust with high quality standards to governments, universities, and employers worldwide. Developed independently with an eye on progression, these qualifications are flexible and easily adapted for every need and occurrence.

Accord International’s qualifications mirror Accord’s, though, offer the international Learner a chance at qualifying through our superior, bespoke, Structure of Tailored Qualifications (TQS), only offered by Accord and Accord International.

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More Information

Details about course levels and accreditation process.

Universal Qualifications

Deliver our universally recognised and accessible qualifications

Structure of Tailored Qualifications

Our bespoke qualifications correspond to international frameworks and systems

Qualifications and Specifications

Qualifications and Specifications in many universal subject areas

Accredited Certificates and Academic Credits

Above standard and internationally recognised achievement

Becoming an Approved Centre

Becoming an Accord Associate and Approved Centre for the future and your students

After successful centre accreditation, you will be able to provide Accord and Accord International qualifications and register learners on our Accord Gateway. Accord and Accord International’s customer services teams and your assigned Accord Responsible Officer will be available to assist you with managing your centre accreditation and provide other necessary assistance.

Student’s Thoughts

‘Completed my A Levels and needed top up credits, did this course and it added more to my university application’

‘Having completed the course successfully, I feel more informed, confident, and qualified in my work role.’

‘I did an Accord Accredited course as it was the best way to get my foot in the door! 

‘Great courses, very interesting and well worth the investment!’

‘Accord International qualifications are easy to complete at home and work in to your regular life.  I wouldn’t have been able to succeed had I not had the flexibility.’

‘The points gained with Accord got me into the university program that I was interested in.’

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