Essential principles and concepts of learning, carefully selected for application and promotion in new product design

Gibraltar, Gi – May 24th, 2023: Accord and Accord International (AAI) has brought in a new outline for learners and teachers under the title of a Fundamentals of Methods and Theories Outline (FMTO) which integrates proven learning principles across international education.

Going forward, all learning materials, methods, and implementation will adhere to the FMTO to standardise superior learning methods internationally. This research based method is already used as a foundation to educational products, though stressing these methods throughout the learning process has been shown to hold productive momentum during and after a learning session.

Eloise Kingman, International Responsible Officer for AAI expressed enthusiasm in unveiling the Fundamentals of Methods and Theories Outline (FMTO) to facilitate a wider dialogue on the essential principles that should underpin educational products and implementation. Kingman emphasized the intention to share and record insights on successful principles and their rationale as their work progresses. The ultimate goal is for the education industry and design professionals to employ, and expand upon these fundamentals, fostering a collaborative endeavour to enhance the impact of AAI’s educational products.

By incorporating the principles of assessment and feedback, learners, in their preparation for classroom or online discussions, projects, and important assessments, gain continuous improvement and contribute to how AAI’s materials and implementation influences and enhances the learning experience. Through their ongoing efforts, they will gain further insights into the applicability of these fundamentals across various disciplines, contexts, and student profiles.

Lucy Wycliff, International Senior Officer for AAI said, ‘Numerous education research initiatives uncover valuable applications that have a positive impact on learning, but often struggle to implement them on an international scale. Conversely, many educational technology products prioritise the user experience and market research but fall short in terms of influencing learning outcomes. AAI, having an international audience and a diverse community of researchers, are in the superior position of being able to monitor implementation and learning outcomes from a large variety of trusted sources. These studies constantly update and outline successful practises, and matures a leading team of habitual investigation and reporting which puts AAI ahead in making a positive impact on international education.’


About Accord and Accord International (AAI)

Accord offers UK qualifications that are highly recognised internationally, and acknowledged to be robust and quality standards to governments, universities, and employers worldwide. Developed independently with an eye on progression, these qualifications are flexible and easily adapted for every need and occurrence.

Primarily focussing on the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA, our education systems emphasize leadership, research, forward planning, and concentrated industry development. These qualifications are effective and inclusive, and are developed to be easily accessible and flexible for all learners.

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