Newsletter – December 2023 – GLOBAL IMPACT


Embarking on a journey of studying Health and Social Care, especially through the flexible and accessible online platform, proves to be an impactful endeavour with profound implications for global healthcare. The urgency for qualified professionals resonates in the healthcare systems of Canada’s, Australia’s, and the UK’s medical industries, emphasising the value of individuals pursuing education in this field. The inclusion of quotes from the health departments of these nations, coupled with the recognition of Oxford Learning College, Canadian Open Learning College, Australian Open Learning College, and other distance learning providers, reinforces the significance of this educational pathway.

In Canada, where the healthcare system grapples with an aging population and evolving challenges, pursuing Health and Social Care studies online aligns education with the specific needs of the country’s healthcare landscape. As the Canadian Ministry of Health emphasises, “The demand for skilled healthcare professionals continues to grow, and online education provides a flexible solution to address these workforce challenges.”

Australia, too, faces increasing demands on its healthcare workforce, and online learning in Health and Social Care emerges as a solution that transcends geographical barriers. According to the Australian Department of Health, “Flexible education is essential to meet the evolving needs of our healthcare system, and online study in Health and Social Care provides a dynamic avenue for aspiring professionals to engage with Australian healthcare priorities.”

Demographic shifts, with a projected 55% increase in those aged over 85 by 2037, underscore a pressing need for workforce adaptation in the UK’s NHS. Failure to address these changes could result in a significant staff shortage of 260,000 to 360,000 by 2036/37, already impacting patient experience and service capacity. This shortfall hampers transformative efforts and poses challenges that will only intensify.

To uphold the NHS’s legacy as a cherished, high-quality, and accessible healthcare service, a robust and effective plan is imperative. The recently unveiled NHS Long Term Workforce Plan is a historic initiative—the government’s first call for a comprehensive workforce strategy. This marks a pivotal moment in the NHS’s 75-year history, offering a rare chance to establish sustainable staffing solutions and enhance patient care.

These strategies target three key areas:

  1. Train: Significantly enhance education and training, introducing more apprenticeships and alternative pathways into professional roles to produce additional doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, and other professionals in line with evolving patient needs.
  2. Retain: Improve support for existing staff, provide flexible working arrangements, and foster a positive culture and leadership within NHS organizations to retain valuable personnel.
  3. Reform: Increase productivity through innovative training approaches, form versatile teams with adaptable skills, align education and training to efficiently address staffing needs, and ensure staff are equipped with skills for emerging technologies, optimizing clinician time and enhancing patient care.

implementing these measures will drive the NHS toward sustainable progress in core patient priorities, including enhanced access to primary and community care, timely urgent and emergency care, and addressing the COVID-19 backlog for elective care. The government’s commitment and investment in education and training places over the next five years are appreciated.

Developing a resilient workforce plan for the dynamic NHS landscape is a formidable challenge. Historical evidence highlights the unpredictable nature of workforce needs amid technological advancements, emphasising the need to adapt to present pressures while anticipating future demands.

The UK’s NHS, a global healthcare pillar, consistently seeks qualified individuals to address staffing shortages and elevate patient care. The UK Department of Health reinforces the significance of online education, stating in 2021, “Online learning offers a valuable avenue for individuals worldwide to contribute to the NHS’s mission and enhance their understanding of the UK’s healthcare intricacies.”

Amid these global demands, Oxford Learning College, Canadian Open Learning college, and Australian Open Learning College stand out as premier institutions for online study in Health and Social Care. Recognised by the international assessment of the examination board AccordAI, these distance learning colleges provide a world-class education that can be pursued from anywhere in the world. As the Australian Health Department acknowledges, “Quality education knows no geographical bounds, and institutions like Australian Open learning College exemplify the international standards necessary for preparing professionals to meet the challenges of global healthcare.”

Studying Health and Social Care online transcends borders, preparing individuals to contribute to healthcare systems worldwide. As the demand for skilled professionals in Canada’s, Australia’s, and the UK’s medical industry intensifies, the choice to pursue Health and Social Care studies online at Oxford Learning College emerges as a strategic and impactful investment, blending international recognition with the flexibility to shape the future of healthcare from any corner of the globe.

Canadian Open Learning College and AccordAI; a winning Partnership

AccordAI and Canadian Open Learning College (COLC) are thrilled to announce their partnership, marking an exciting milestone in the world of open learning. This collaboration represents a celebration of shared vision and dedication to revolutionizing assessment practices. By combining AccordAI’s expertise in advanced assessment methodologies with COLC’s commitment to providing exceptional education, students can expect a transformative learning experience. This partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, personalization, and the pursuit of excellence. Both AccordAI and COLC look forward to celebrating the positive impact this collaboration will have on students’ educational journeys, paving the way for a future of enhanced assessment in open learning.

Lucy Wycliff, Superior Officer AccordAI says, ‘With their superior and user-friendly platform, learners can fully immerse themselves in their work and progress swiftly. COLC is committed to delivering only the finest courses to the Canadian public, ensuring learners have confidence in their studies and future outcomes. This dedication provides learners with the assurance that they are receiving top-quality education and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need for success. The focus on excellence and streamlined learning experience sets COLC apart, fostering an environment where learners can thrive and achieve their goals. We are thrilled about this exciting partnership and eagerly anticipate a promising future ahead together.’

Canadian Open Learning College, a Canadian-owned and operated institution, is dedicated to providing a platform for esteemed Canadian course providers, including renowned institutions like Canadian National. These providers offer superior quality courses that are accredited by academic credits with AccordAI’s accreditation system. AccordAI’s innovative learner hours system accurately measures the effort and commitment students put into their studies, showcasing their dedication and achievements. This transparent system quantifies the amount of work completed by students, providing a tangible representation of their accomplishments. By partnering with exceptional Canadian course providers and implementing the learner hours system, COLC ensures that learners receive accredited and high-quality education while recognizing their hard work and dedication.

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