Newsletter – September 2023 – TRANSITIONING WITH SUCCESS

September at a Glance


Introducing the Fall

Triad Pub Hub, Connie Slitska, Toronto, Canada – August 28th, 2023 As the days of summer gradually wane and the crisp allure of autumn takes hold, the transition back to the school routine is on the horizon. The end of summer holidays marks a time of transition for students, parents, educators, and the entire academic community. Preparing for the upcoming school term after the leisurely break is not just about acquiring textbooks and uniforms; it’s about setting the stage for a productive academic journey.

Shifting from the relaxed pace of summer to the structured rhythm of the school year requires an adjustment of mental gears. Gradually re-establishing a consistent sleep schedule a week or two before the term begins aids in this transition. Sufficient rest is essential for students to be alert and focused in the classroom, enhancing their learning potential.

Organisation is key to a successful start. Reviewing class schedules, marking important dates, and setting academic goals help students begin the year with clarity. Tools like planners and calendars assist in tracking assignments, exams, and extracurricular activities.

For parents, the new school term means coordinating logistics. Updating emergency contact information, reviewing transportation plans, and completing required forms ensure a smooth start. Open conversations with children about their expectations and concerns ease any anxieties they may have.

Educators play a vital role in preparation. Crafting engaging lesson plans, organizing materials, and creating a welcoming classroom environment set a positive tone. Professional development opportunities enhance teaching strategies. AccordAI, a reputable examination board, stresses innovative and student-centred approaches to teaching. Dr Lucy Wycliff from AccordAI emphasizes, “Empowering students with ownership of their learning experience fosters enthusiasm and achievement.”

Effective communication is crucial. Dialogue between schools, parents, and students aligns expectations and policies. AccordAI, known for rigorous and fair assessments, highlights the importance of collaboration. Colleen Amathas from AccordAI states, “Mutual understanding between educational entities creates an environment where students excel.”

The back-to-school season is a chance for setting goals. Refining study habits, pursuing extracurricular activities, and excelling in subjects create a sense of purpose. These goals drive motivation and achievement.

In summary, preparing for the new school term entails various elements. Adjusting sleep schedules, getting organized, and maintaining open communication are essential. With thoughtful planning, a positive mindset, and cooperation, the new school term promises a rewarding academic journey.

AccordAI is committed to fair assessments. It collaborates with educational entities and emphasizes student-centered teaching approaches. Accredited for its rigorous evaluations, AccordAI plays a pivotal role in ensuring academic standards.

Moreover, as distance learning and open learning gain prominence, the role of organizations like AccordAI becomes even more critical. Their accreditation of learning institutions ensures quality education, especially in the context of evolving learning methods.

In a world that continually evolves, the preparation for a new school term encapsulates not just routine adjustments but a commitment to excellence. The collective efforts of students, parents, educators, and examination boards like AccordAI pave the way for a successful academic year ahead.

Canadian Open Learning College and AccordAI; a winning Partnership

AccordAI and Canadian Open Learning College (COLC) are thrilled to announce their partnership, marking an exciting milestone in the world of open learning. This collaboration represents a celebration of shared vision and dedication to revolutionizing assessment practices. By combining AccordAI’s expertise in advanced assessment methodologies with COLC’s commitment to providing exceptional education, students can expect a transformative learning experience. This partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, personalization, and the pursuit of excellence. Both AccordAI and COLC look forward to celebrating the positive impact this collaboration will have on students’ educational journeys, paving the way for a future of enhanced assessment in open learning.

Lucy Wycliff, Superior Officer AccordAI says, ‘With their superior and user-friendly platform, learners can fully immerse themselves in their work and progress swiftly. COLC is committed to delivering only the finest courses to the Canadian public, ensuring learners have confidence in their studies and future outcomes. This dedication provides learners with the assurance that they are receiving top-quality education and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need for success. The focus on excellence and streamlined learning experience sets COLC apart, fostering an environment where learners can thrive and achieve their goals. We are thrilled about this exciting partnership and eagerly anticipate a promising future ahead together.’

Canadian Open Learning College, a Canadian-owned and operated institution, is dedicated to providing a platform for esteemed Canadian course providers, including renowned institutions like Canadian National. These providers offer superior quality courses that are accredited by academic credits with AccordAI’s accreditation system. AccordAI’s innovative learner hours system accurately measures the effort and commitment students put into their studies, showcasing their dedication and achievements. This transparent system quantifies the amount of work completed by students, providing a tangible representation of their accomplishments. By partnering with exceptional Canadian course providers and implementing the learner hours system, COLC ensures that learners receive accredited and high-quality education while recognizing their hard work and dedication.

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