Qualifications and Subjects

Accord and Accord International Standard Qualifications and Working Subjects*

English Literature
English Language
Religious Studies
Sports Science
Sports and Personal Training
Health, Diet and Nutrition
Personal Training
Therapeutic Person-Centred Counselling
Counselling Studies
Childcare Studies
Animal Studies
Animal Psychology
Information Technology
Alternative Medicines/ Practises
Environmental Science
Health and Safety
Health and Social Care
Healthcare Management
Hospitality Management

*Specifications provisionally supplied when requested from registered and approved Accord and Accord International Centres only and after successful application.

*Topics may have one or more courses entered under the subject in different specifications and at different levels.

Accord and Accord International Qualifications and Assessments

All of our qualifications ensure that specifications for the qualifications are clear, accurate, and communicate successfully to the reasonable and informed person what the qualification requires of the Learner and how it is fit for purpose.

All specifications for a qualifications ensure they set out the qualification’s objective, Number or hours assigned to that qualification, and the value of the credits for work of that qualification. It sets out any other qualifications which a Learner must have completed before commencing, any prior knowledge, skills or understanding which the Learner is required to have before taking the qualification, any units which a Learner must have completed before the qualification will be awarded and any optional routes, any other requirements which a Learner must have satisfied before the Learner will be assessed or before the qualification will be awarded.

The assessment outlines will cover the learning outcomes, the knowledge, skills and understanding which will be assessed as part of the qualification which will give a clear indication of their coverage and depth, the method of any assessment and any associated requirements relating to it, and the assessment criteria against which Learners’ levels of attainment will be measured.

Each assessment is assured to be fit for purpose and appropriate for the method of assessment. They are carefully chosen to be consistent with the specification for the qualification advertised. There is no ambiguity, and each assessment is outlined with additional guidance so that the Learner always knows exactly what is required of them, and exactly what they need to deliver to obtain the maximum grade. These assessments are delivered effectively and efficiently.

The Registration of Learners under Accord and Accord International

Accord and Accord International ensures that each Learner is clearly and uniquely identified. This information is compared against any communications with the Learner. This information is kept safe under lock, and is subject to the rules of GDPR and Data Protection Policies.

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