The Structure of Tailored Qualifications (TQS)

Accord’s Structure of Tailored Qualifications (TQS) 

The table below shows the correspondence of levels established between national qualifications frameworks around the UK and Europe, and the RQF and TQS 

Accord and Accord International Qualifications (ACC/ACCI)Regulated Qualifications Framework England/ Northern Ireland (RQF)European Qualifications Framework (EQF)Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW)Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)The National Framework of Qualifications for Ireland(NFQ IE)
ACC/ACCI Level 88881210
ACC/ACCI Level 7777119
ACC/ACCI Level 66669/108/7
ACC/ACCI Level 4/55/455/48/76
ACC/ACCI Level 334365
ACC/ACCI Level 223254
ACC/ACCI Level 112143
ACC/ACCI Level A3E31E332/1
ACC/ACCI Level A2E2E22
ACC/ACCI Level A1E1E11

Accord International’s Structure of Tailored Qualifications (TQS) 

The table below shows the correspondence of levels established between national qualifications frameworks around the world, and the TQS 

Accord and Accord International Qualifications (ACC/ACCI)Canadian Qualifications Education SystemAustralian Qualifications Education SystemUnited States Qualification Education System
ACC/ACCI Level 8phDGraduate Diploma/ Graduate Certificate/ Bachelors Honours DegreeUniversity Research/ Doctoral Degree
ACC/ACCI Level 7Masters Degree/ Graduate DiplomaBachelors DegreeUniversity Master’s Degree/ 1st Professional Degree
ACC/ACCI Level 6Bachelor Degree/ Bachiller/ BaccalaureatAssociate Degree/ Advanced DiplomaUniversity Bachelor’s Degree
ACC/ACCI Level 4/5 ACC(HNC)/ACC(HND)Certificate/ Associate Degree / DiplomaCertificate IV/ DiplomaCommunity/ Junior College/ Associate Degree
ACC/ACCI Level 3Technical/ Pre University/ Graduate Diploma/ Diploma of College Studies QuebecSenior Secondary Certificates of Education/ Certificate IIIHigh School Diploma
ACC/ACCI Level 2Senior SecondaryCertificate IISenior High School
ACC/ACCI Level 1Intermediate SecondaryCertificate IJunior High School
ACC/ACCI Level A3Primary 4-6Elementary/ Primary Education 4-6
ACC/ACCI Level A2Primary 1-3Elementary/ Primary Education 1-3
ACC/ACCI Level A1Pre-Primary/ Kindergarten
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