Universal Qualifications

Accord and Accord International Universal Qualifications:

Accord and Accord International provide highly adaptable qualifications that utilise action and experimental learning practises which enable every type of learner, whether it be learners living abroad, or learning at different times, or who are only able to study at odd months throughout the year, the freedoms to achieve their goals.

Accord and Accord International utilise a wide range of assessment methods that go beyond exams and oral interviews. This approach allows learners to gain real-life knowledge and experience, providing a competitive edge in a world where thousands are looking for opportunity. Accord and Accord International’s approach ensures that learners are always ahead and prepared for a quickly changing world.

For Educational Institutions, Training Providers, and Employers:

Accord and Accord International is accrediting local and international Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) institutions to deliver their interactive qualifications, ensuring the best practices of quality assurance, learning opportunities, employer engagement, industry interaction, equality, and diversity among their centres.

Accord and Accord International provide support to their centres with a dedicated team of professionals who manage enquiries, new applications, centre approvals, learner registrations, quality assurance, allocation of external contractors, entries for external assessment, results, and certification activity for all learners. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact their Centre Support Team.

Accord and Accord International welcomes any institution or employers to work with. Becoming an Accord or Accord International centre is easy and straightforward. To learn more about becoming a centre, please visit the ‘Becoming an Accord and Accord International Approved Centre’ page.

Accord and Accord International also collaborates with centres and employers on demand to develop bespoke qualifications that follow the Accord and Accord International TQS. These qualifications satisfy the institutions’, employers’, and industry’s needs.

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